23 Years and Scarier Than Ever!!

       Night Visions Await Your Arrival!

Fall is approaching. The leaves are changing into a rainbow of colors. The cool evening air makes you shiver, as the moon climbs to show its deep orange glow just beyond the tree line. The moonlight is casting its shadows all around you as you walk toward the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Buildings. You can see faint lights in the distance and hear the screams from inside the show rooms across the field. You are beginning to wonder if you can make it through the maze of hallways and rooms occupied by the things that hide in the darkness. The night visions that occupy these buildings seem to capture all of your senses at once. It's your turn to open the door! The adventure begins as you walk through the doorway into building #4, and doesn't end until you leave the grounds!

This Haunted Adventure returns to Jefferson County Fairgrounds to continue testing your will to survive the horror, the dark, and the terror that lurks within every corner of your imagination. The Challenge for YOU is to complete the adventure, without screaming for mercy, or running to save your life!

          A Few Things To Remember

  • Creatures are always here! Rain & cold weather do not stop us!
  • For 23 years, these dark figures have stalked all who come into their lair, and these brave souls exit with the Spirit of Halloween in close pursuit.
  • Screams are encouraged to release the fear you may encounter!
  • Terror will come to you from any direction, so be prepared.

2016 Schedule


  • October 7th & 8th
  • October 14th & 15th
  • October 21st & 22nd
  • October 28th & 29th

Rain, Shine, Sleet, Or Snow We Will Remain Open We Are Inside & Dry

Kids $5-under 12 Adults $8

Jefferson County Fairgrounds 1707 Old Leetown Pike Kearneysville, WV 25430
About The Haunted Fairgrounds
This event was created as a true scare fest, and a heart pounding Halloween Adventure. When a grown man tries to hide from a ghost or jump a fence to get away; or a grown woman hides behind the dumpster, we have done our job! When visitors leave the building screaming and running as fast as they can, we have done our job! If you are terrified and scream at what you see, we have only one thing to say...

"brave enough?!?!?! we'll find out!!"

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The Haunted Fairgrounds Association

The Association, is a group of individuals that love Halloween and give all of the money earned to support local Jefferson County Charities. Since 1994, we have had many people lending ideas to The Haunted Fairground event. In 2005, I met Angel and Karl Boyd who love Halloween as much as I do. We formed a team of leaders to plan, implement and complete all of the ideas we use each year. Ron Nowell, Dick Ernst, Angel Boyd, and Karl Boyd formed "The Haunted Fairground Association". Our goal is to enlist volunteers, give Jefferson County a Spirited Halloween Adventure, and support county charities with the money we earn each year.


Volunteers Benefit

The Haunted Fairground event is recognized as a function that benefits the community. All high school students who volunteer to help us receive Community Service Credits for graduation, awards, and commemorative shirts at our awards assembly in November. Donations to local charities are also presented at that meeting.

Our Thanks to Jefferson County Fairgrounds

The Fairgrounds Board, Bob Gruber and Todd Wilt, continue to allow us to use the facility for our fundraising activity. We thank them for allowing us to hold our event at the facility for the past 23 years.

As of 2015, The Haunted Fairground Association has donated

$201,641.00 to local Jefferson County Charities

All Proceeds Go To....

       Santa's Toy Shop (A Kiwanis Project)

       Jefferson County Community Ministries Food Pantry

       Jefferson County Fire and Rescue

       Eastern Panhandle Free Clinic

 (to name a few)

Nurse on duty for faint of heart!

We Are Indoors

Proceeds Go To Charity

Easy To Find!

Contact Us

To contact us, you may either send us a message using the form below or call Ronnie Nowell at 304-725-4141.